To provide technical needs for startups and scale-ups for LIF participants during the innovation journey in all stages with sustainable development to a network and other LIF networks through a clear pathway along with side support from well-known expertise from industry, academia, and scientific labs who are committed to supporting this project to avoid falling in the cross chasm between the startup and scale-up stages alongside national and international technical information flow through academia and industry in a sustainable and measurable networking system to achieve continues performance.
The project is endorsed by international LIF fellows from Malaysia and Turkey.
Their diversified backgrounds will enable us to guide and support LIF fellows in those partner countries with their ideas that may have been brought up to a startup level and hope through our technical help to commercialize their products if any.
Specialized labs and manufacturing facilities in those countries can be used to carry out intended work on prototyping those ideas and/or lab testing.

Accelerating an inclusive, and diverse engineering workforce for a better tomorrow

Industry, academia technical collaboration through joint team alignment, diversity, and culture mapped on behaviorism.
In ILTCCS we will use three business models, one for each country and four categories.
Desirability visibility, viability, and adaptability
The tool we are going to use is
Business model canvas and proposition value canvas by Alexander Walder-Strategy.